Don’t just take our word on the benefits of Colloidal Silver, please do your own research. Below is a list of articles about the benefits of Colloidal Silver that we at Forgotten Remedies think you will find useful to help you make an informed decision.

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Could a dressing help in superbug fight?

Colloidal Silver deals with protozoan parasites in water

PSORIASIS, how to be symptom free!

Silver Nanoparticles in Mouthwash and Dentures Might Stop Infections!

Silver Nanoparticle Neutralization of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses (Ebola, yes; Zika Virus?)

NASA gives thumbs up to use of colloidal silver as antibiotic in space

NASA evaluates the use of colloidal silver as anti-infective in space

Bacteria Resistant to ALL Drugs Shows up in Denmark

Dangers of drinking alcohol whilst HIV positive

Health Professionals comment on Colloidal Silver

Natural Healing Resource Center

Daily Mail On Line

Colloidal Silver kills

Science Based Medicine (Article)

University of Cambridge Colloidal Silver Research Forum

World Wide Wounds

Clinical Practice Invited Article (Chronic Wounds)

EPA Reference Dose for Silver

Colloidal Science Laboratory inc.

Scientific America (Article)

Extract from Science Digest 1978 by Jim Powell

Historical time line of Antibiotic development

How Colloidal Silver Combats Harmful Organisms

Silver Health Institute

IHCP Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (PDF)

Journal of Nanobiotechnology

International Journal of Nanomedicine

Life and Health Research Group

Department of Chemical Engineering University of Michigan

Arabian Journal of Chemistry

Mary Ann Liebert Inc., Medical Publishers

Wikipedia Medical Uses of Silver

History of the Medical Use of Colloidal Silver (PDF)

Microscope View of Silver Killing Bacteria

History of the Medical Uses of Silver (2)

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