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Sadly, whilst we will happily accept testimonials about Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver from members we cannot endorse the testimonials as medically evidential, only as anecdotal. This is due to the current law surrounding advertising.
The idea is to help other people find more effective ways of using Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver for themselves when they suffer from infections that other members have.
If you are a current member and user who wishes to report your experience(s) of using Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver through an e-mail to us at we will give you a 50% reduction on your next purchase up to a maximum limit of four (4) bottles e.g.

4 X 500ml stock bottles of Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver = £40

Many thanks for your interest and the feedback we have received from Forgotten Remedies members both orally and more importantly in writing. Listening to our current users and members helps us develop and improve treatment regimens.