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This blog roll is intended to capture the Medical Opinion on using Colloidal Silver, from numerous other websites, for users of the Forgotten Remedies site to freely access for their own research.

Please feel free to use the SEARCH facility at the top left of our home page and enter your infection either by name or pathogen, e.g. MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis, this will assemble papers of a given type together for ease of reading and reviewing.

If we have anything in the medical library you will see the Opinions of credible health professionals with regards why Colloidal Silver should both be used more, and should replace agents that cause resistance and ultimately lead to treatment failures.

If we don’t have anything on your particular infection we can only apologise, but do feel free to e-mail us at OR telephone us on: 07523 139191.

We are always happy to give advice on both what colloidal silver will and will not do and treatment regimens for conditions that have been treated successfully with colloidal silver.