Charnjit Dhillon – Two successful treatments of chest infections for her husband & son

Dear Roger

Many thanks for this wonderful product. My husband had a heavy cold, resulting in a chesty cough, bringing up a lot of yellow phlegm. We believe that the only reason he got better without antibiotics is the use of Colloidal Silver. Then my son had a sore throat and at the first sign he took C. Silver and got better. His sore throats normally turn into nasty chesty congested ones. Thank you.

I wonder if I can seek your opinion on a separate but related matter. My son gets severe itching/skin irritation and he ends up breaking his skin through scratching. The initial area was on the right side of his neck and then it shifted to the groin area. He had been having a recurrence in the groin area a couple of weeks before his recent cold for which he took C. Silver. The itching has become very intense. Could C. Silver make the itching worse? We would value your thoughts.

So, thank you for a wonderful product, Colloidal Silver, that actually works. I will be ordering two more bottles. Meantime, please advise regarding my son.

With grateful thanks.

Charnjit Dhillon

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