Silver in Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

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Use of Silver in Lyme Disease

Silver is a natural remedy that was used for infection as far back as 1000 BC where the Persian king Cyrus used silver vessels to treat water for drinking. Topical use has a long history in modern medicine, with it being used to treat wounds in WWI, up to its use to prevent eye infections in newborns and its current wide use in preventing infection in burns. Silver solutions have been approved by the FDA since the 1920’s for the treatment of a variety of infections.

Lyme and silver are often terms that come up together. Many of my patients have asked about the use of colloidal silver in Lyme disease, as they often already have experience with very rapid healing of the usual colds and flu’s when they use silver. Now as overdosing on silver, whether we are treating Lyme with silver, or a run-of-the-mill infection with silver, can cause serious side effects, I typically don’t suggest that silver be used without supervision.

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