Evaluation of the activity of colloidal silver concentrate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

The high rate of hospital acquired infections caused by pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa as an opportunistic infection is currently a serious global health problem. The problem is not only with the diseases caused by this organism but with the rate at which this organism develops resistance to some vital antimicrobial agents. This increase in resistance of P. aeruginosa in recent times underscores the need to search for an alternative antimicrobial agent. This study was therefore, designed to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of colloidal silver concentrate against some strains of pathogenic P. aeruginosa isolated from post operation eye wound infection, using agar- well diffusion, broth dilution and the killing rate kinetics methods. The results showed that colloidal silver concentrate have an antibacterial activity against pathogenic P. aeruginosa and the killing rate kinetics studies reveal that the test organisms were completely killed within 90 min. Further exploitation of colloidal silver for the treatment of multi-drug resistant P. aeruginosa infections is hereby suggested.

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