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The company is owned and run by a retired qualified Chemist and Medical Biochemist


Practising Naturopaths

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We also have a plethora of clinical papers held locally for reference AND a huge back library under the

Medical Opinion & Medical History tabs on our website front page.



So you’ve decided to take control of your own health and the infections that may come and strike us all down at any time,

whether they be systemic infections like chest infections, urinary tract infections, infections of the eyes and ears


topical infections of the skin, like athletes foot, AND skin injuries caused from accidents or bites.

Colloidal Silver accelerates wound healing too and gives a better cosmetic appearance,

it isn’t just a broad spectrum anti-infective against bacteria, viruses and fungi!

Why not try the “Search” field top left?

Simply enter the name of a disease or a pathogen and see what happens.

(We have a large and growing back library of medical studies and articles from all over the world on the treatment of infectious diseases and wound care with Colloidal Silver).

Enjoy using our website for your own research purposes.



WHOSE “NOT” to buy, and WHY!

1) Colloidal Silver Products from a company that doesn’t publish their particle size.
– If the particle size is too big you may accumulate silver in your body and develop Argyria.
2) Colloidal Silver from a company who sell their products in plastic bottles.
– If Colloidal Silver is sold in plastic bottles it will discharge and have no medical value whatsoever.
3) Colloidal Silver from a producer who sells it in clear bottles, whether plastic or glass.
– If Colloidal Silver is sold in clear bottles it will oxidise to Silver Oxide and reduce its medical effect considerably.
4) Colloidal Silver Products from a company who have no appropriately qualified staff to make it.
– They will have no idea how to quality control their Colloidal Silver whatsoever.
5) Colloidal Silver Products from a company that has no qualified staff to give medical advice.

They may give ill informed opinions on using Colloidal Silver to treat infections appropriately and be unable to give advice and discuss any other conditions the patient may have concurrently.

Beware Charlatans and “Snake Oil” salesmen!

Snake Oil Saleman


A great quote from a great man

“Colloidal Silver has proven to be toxic to all tested species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and many viruses. More importantly—unlike conventional antibiotics—infectious agents cannot build a resistance to silver. Taken internally, it may improve digestion; help prevent colds, flu and all organism-caused diseases. It can be used as a douche, atomised, nebulised or inhaled. Applied externally, it has been shown to help with things such as skin abrasions and burns (including sun burn). It can also be dropped into the eyes and ears to help the body overcome infection.”

Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., nutritional bio-physiologist and author.


Quick Facts about Colloidal Silver



COLLOIDAL SILVER is a suspension of fine particles of Silver in water that are electro-statically charged. Whilst gravity wants them to fall down the magnetic field of the Earth can hold them up due their incredibly small size and weight.



The electrostatically charged Silver particles are reported to prevent the respiratory function of single cell infective pathogens which leads to their destruction and so can help resolve the symptoms associated with the infections they are attributed with causing.



COLLOIDAL SILVER is a medically proven Broad Spectrum OLIGACIDE that can destroy a wide range of AEROBIC BACTERIA, VIRUSES & FUNGI. This has been reported in many published clinical trials from all over the world, from many respected institutions and authoritative medical journals. (NB See our Medical History and Opinion tabs or use the search facility to access the library).



Anybody who is suffering from the symptoms of an infective illness from adults to children and including pets and plants! REMEMBER, dosage should be adjusted for the weight of the child or pet if taken orally.(NB Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver suggested oral treatment dose is 30ml BD (Twice daily)).



When you, your family or friends are suffering from an illness CAUSED by an infective pathogenic agent, a “bug”. This can range from an everyday cold, athletes foot and bad breath to MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Gangrene) infections.



As well as for personal health internally and externally, COLLOIDAL SILVER can be used to:

  1. Spray onto work surfaces, especially wooden chopping boards.
  2. Spray onto or indeed add to plant food in the house or garden.
  3. Drop into milk and other dairy products as a preservative to lengthen their life.
  4. Spray on to feet to help with athlete’s foot.
  5. As an underarm deodorant!

Thank you to all the people still buying Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver Products © and for all your valuable feedback, and the wonderful testimonials, all of which has helped us as an independent producer of Colloidal Silver Products to advise others about HOW to treat their particular problem more effectively.

We have had nothing but positive feedback form all our members with regard their resolution of a wide range of infectious diseases with our colloidal silver. Many are taking Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver © by mouth and have successfully and quickly cleared things like Gum disease, Halitosis, along with numerous Throat infections and Chest infections over last winter.

Including the common cold gone in one day for three (3) people who’ve reported back!

It took them two (2) doses of 30 ml.

One when you know it’s on you and another about eight (8) to twelve (12) hours later if taken on the day it starts.

Also we’ve happily and successfully treated Urinary Tract infections reported by many of our female members.

Many thanks ladies it appears two (2) days of 20ml taken orally morning and night followed by two (2) days of 15ml morning and night does the trick, regardless of the cause!

Many others have used Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver © topically on their skin, not just to treat fungal infections like athletes foot, ringworm or simple dandruff; but to keep wounds clear of infection and gain from the other side of Colloidal Silver’s mode of action.

Accelerated Epithelialisation

This term in practice essentially means faster healing and less scarring, and therefore a better cosmetic repair of skin injuries.

No one yet knows HOW Colloidal Silver accelerates epithelialisation and indeed this would make an extremely good study in its own right!

Many thanks again to all our members who have now realised the value of something that works so quickly

from their own personal experience.

You can only really know once you’ve tried it, and it is possible to detox your entire system in almost ten (10) days.

30ml twice (2) a day for five (5) days followed by 15ml twice (2) a day for five (5) days.

One bottle, what have you got to loose?
Maybe something you didn’t even know you had?

 Oh! We’ve also treated three (3) dogs, one a skin repair from surgery, one had diarrhoea and the other a bitch with a urinary track infection; and two (2) cats, one with an eye injury from a fight that closed up and went pussy, cleared peculiarly in three (3) days by giving drops three (3) times a day and again, a female cat with a urinary tract infection where colloidal silver was given three times a day when water was changed and her food was sprayed when changed too.

A huge thanks again to all the people who gave us their feedback, both those who bought Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver from the internet, and those who now come to see us and buy locally whilst enjoying a quick cuppa and some background education to help them get the best out of Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver.

Check the Medical Opinion and Medical History in the tabs above for our library of independent publications as well as the Testimonials people have kindly written, especially Dr. Sean Cox.

Welcome to FORGOTTEN REMEDIES, manufacturers of Colloidal Silver Products

It is our intention at Forgotten Remedies to make the finest grade of Colloidal Silver Product available, with the most appropriate delivery systems to treat the entire human body. At the same time making our entire product range as price accessible to everyone as possible. To this end Forgotten Remedies has a working relationship with both the University of Birmingham Department of Chemistry and Imperial College as third parties who assay our Colloidal Silver products for quality, purity, concentration and particle size. Colloidal Silver has to have an average particle size of less than 50nm to classify as a medical colloid. (Please see the report with regard to particle size and distribution at the bottom of this page).

List of known pathogens and diseases successfully treated with Colloidal Silver Products

Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver Products Range

Feel free to visit the COLLOIDAL SILVER SHOP or select from the COLLOIDAL SILVER PRODUCTS tab above to place an order for Colloidal Silver and any of our delivery attachments and use the SEARCH facility to look up the reference data, open source studies and Medical Opinion currently being voiced about Colloidal Silver and what it can and can’t do. The website library is updated regularly as and when useful studies and opinions appear.

Full contact details are available by e-mailing Forgotten Remedies at Forgotten Remedies Information. Full contact details are also available when you purchase and for refunds if they become necessary. Should you require a refund due to damage in transit we will happily replace the order on proof of damage. ALL Forgotten Remedies products come with tamper proof tops, if these are broken Forgotten Remedies accepts no liability. For payment related enquiries please e-mail Forgotten Remedies Payments.

Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver Particle Size Measurement

Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver particle size measurement from the University Of Birmingham Department Of Chemistry