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Apr 19 2016

Danijel Tomic – Successful CS treatment of eye infections

Hi, my name is Danijel Tomić, I’m from Croatia. When I came to live in England, 2 months ago, I had very bad eye infection. In fact, I had Chlamydia bacteria in my eyes. My eyes were so red and itchy. Normal antibiotic didn’t help me. Than I tried silver water from Forgotten Remedies. Delivery …

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Jan 18 2016

Shelley Swain & Alyn Norris – Successful CS treatment of their two children.

Although I believe antibiotics have their place, I’m not very keen on them at all unless absolutely necessary. Our 2 & 1/2 year old developed a fairly nasty eye infection ( the whites of his eyes were extremely bloodshot, sore and itchy etc.) Anyway, I was tempted to go to the doctor but instead phoned …

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