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Nov 13 2014

Scott Shooter (First Responder Ambulance Service) – Selby

Dear Forgotten Remedies, I have used it for many different types of infections and bacteria problems, the biggest result so far was that I treated my fathers leg ulcers with Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver and the skin healing time was amazing. His leg was covered in bacteria and had a very potent smell caused by …

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Sep 20 2014

Sean Cox (Doctor) Birmingham

I just thought I would write and thank you for producing an amazingly high quality Colloidal Silver product. I bought a bottle from you a few weeks ago. About 10 days ago I started to get an ear ache which is the first time I have had such an occurrence for many years in other …

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Sep 18 2014

Bill (Builder and Musician), Northfield, Birmingham

I have used Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver for myself and given it to friends and family for many different infective diseases. I myself no longer get colds simply by drinking 15ml every day, and the occasional spray whilst I’m at work. It has been used to treat athletes’ foot in record time as well as …

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Sep 18 2014

Wendy (Healer), Nechells, Birmingham

Both myself and close friends have been using Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver on our skin and in the mouth for sore throats, as well orally to treat urinary tract infections, chest colds and flu for quite some time. One of my neighbors, Susan, has successfully treated a biopsy in her tongue, it both prevented any …

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