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Gum Disease Treatment at Home

Causes of periodontal gum disease

Infective Periodontal Gum Disease can be caused by many different pathogens, both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, fungal infections like candidiasis and viruses. It is worth mentioning that if gum diseases, particularly abscesses, are not resolved by the third day of treatment at home with Collodial Silver the cause is most likely an anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are the only species of bacteria NOT killed by Colloidal Silver so on that occasion you will need an anaerobic antibiotic from your dentist or doctor. Let them know you used Colloidal Silver as a gum disease treatment at home as it will help them prescribe correctly.

Gum Disease Treatment Gingivitis Diagnosis Gum Disease Treatment Early Periodontitis Diagnosis Gum Disease Treatment Moderate Periodontitis Diagnosis Gum Disease Treatment Severe Periodontitis Diagnosis
Early Gingivitis Early Periodontitis Moderate Periodontitis Severe Periodontitis

Acute gum disease natural treatment at home

Take 30ml. of colloidal silver three times a day until symptoms resolve.
Sip 15 ml. From a glass of 30ml and swirl around the mouth for approximately 45 seconds to a minute before swallowing. Take the remaining 15ml and repeat as with the first mouthful.
Once symptoms have resolved take 30ml of colloidal silver once a day as above for a further 5 days.

General gum disease prevention and management at home

It is very possible to help prevent and manage gum disease at home by using several colloidal silver sprays, as a gum disease mouthwash after brushing, but rinse the toothpaste away well first before spraying the colloidal silver into your mouth otherwise it may affect the taste.

Other gum disease natural treatment alternatives

Many people effectively keep gum disease at bay with a branded mouthwash such as Listerine ® whilst for others, the simplest way to manage oral hygiene and treat gum disease is with salt water. As long as the concentration of salt is high and the contact time in the mouth long enough, general gum disease treatment at home this way is both inexpensive and simple. Other natural treatments used at home by many include such things as vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide but the latter can cause tissue damage itself if the concentration is too high.

Gum disease treatment cost

Always beware of charlatans, the treatment of gum disease at home and indeed the maintenance of oral hygiene should never be expensive.
Salt water is the cheapest and can help keep bacteria levels down in the mouth quite effectively.
Colloidal Silver spray as a mouthwash after brushing is also a very inexpensive if you fill the spray bottle from a stock bottle that is not exposed to plastic to protect the charge on the colloid and therefore its effectiveness.
Gum Disease can occasionally develop resistance to some antiseptic mouthwashes and their effectiveness will lessen over time, however this is NOT true with Colloidal Silver. This is why many dentists advise patients to reserve the more potent and often expensive mouth washes for the treatment of a problem rather than routine “every day” oral hygiene.

Gum disease treatment considerations; biological versus chemical

There’s a big difference between biological remedies being used against pathogens and using chemical remedies. This is due to entities like prescription antibiotics slowly failing to treat bacterial infections due to resistance whereas colloidal silver has not been shown to develop resistance to bacteria due to their respective modes of action. Consequently Colloidal Silver can be used where prescription antibiotics have failed historically.
It is worth remembering Colloidal Silver does not treat anaerobic bacteria which can be the cause of dental abscesses.


If you have dental surgery on gum tissue it is inadvisable to use Colloidal Silver as healing is accelerated and orthodontists require a slow healing for good tissue connection.

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